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7 Mar 2018

On Thursday 7th March, Dr Rose Marie Prosser gave the third Scripture series to a group of parishioners of the Holy Family Parish.

We heard a lecture on Catholic Church History. She talked about how the Church had gone through times of great challenge in 6 phases. It had developed and changed through each phase. The Catholic religion has its roots from Judaism. Jesus was a Jew and He died a Jew. It was only after His death and through his apostles’ (who were also practicing Jews) spreading Jesus’ message that the early Christian movement began. The followers of Jesus viewed themselves as a reform movement within Judaism.

Dr Prosser provided interesting events in the history of Roman Catholicism that brought about the other branches/divisions of the church into Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic branches. Key events like having 2 Popes, etc. (situated in Rome and Constantinople) provided animated discussion on the conflicts within the Roman and Eastern orthodox branches of the Catholic Church.

Martin Luther, King Henry VIII, The First Vatican Council, The Second Vatican Council…..these were the few topics discussed during the lecture.

We are all looking forward to the final Scripture series on Thursday 22nd March. All are welcome.

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