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27 Nov 2017

Thursday 28th November was one of the hottest days of 2017. This did not deter more than 60 enthusiastic men and women from attending the annual workshop for Ministers of Holy Communion (during Mass). Most participants were from our Partnered parishes and the balance from neighbouring parishes.

Mary Ryan from the Diocese conducted the workshop at the Presbytery Pavilion. This was ideal as the glare from the sun prevented the effective use of slides in the Church. Participants were welcomed at 6:30 pm with light refreshments, food and drinks.

In the first part of the workshop, Mary Ryan explained the intricacies of being Extraordinary ministers (as Ministers are officially called). It comes with great respect and reverence to the Eucharist, its significance and the mystery and the importance of why the body and blood of Christ is present in the celebration of the Mass.

She also welcomed a Q & A session where participants asked questions to clarify facts and myths regarding ministering the Eucharist. The discussions were both engaging and at times an eye-opener.

The second part of the workshop was conducted in the Church to enable participants to practice how to distribute and receive communion and wine during mass. The dos and don’ts that were highlighted in the first part of the workshop were showcased using likely scenarios.

The unexpected large number of participants left Mary Ryan unable to provide enough reading materials for everyone. Extra brochures and reading materials were later sent to the Parish to be distributed to those who missed out.

We welcome all new Extraordinary Ministers to our Parish. We look forward to celebrating and rejoicing in your significant roles in our Parish community.

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