1. A parish is a certain community of Christ’s faithful stably established within a diocese, whose pastoral care, under the authority of the diocesan bishop, is entrusted to a parish priest as its proper pastor. Each diocese must be divided into parishes, which are distinct parts of the whole diocese. It is the responsibility and authority of the diocesan bishop, and he alone, to erect, alter or suppress parishes, after considering the advice of his presbyteral council. The Fourth Plenary Council of Australia and New Zealand of 1937 also decreed that consultation must be had with the College of Consultors.

  2. The parish of Braybrook was erected in 1952 under the patronage of Christ the King. The parish of Maidstone was erected in 1962 under the title of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, incorporating the community of St John’s, Footscray West.

  3. In 2000, the two parishes were partnered under the leadership of a single parish priest. In 2013 a single pastoral council was established and the process of discernment of the future of the two parishes was initiated. In 2016, the two parishes were organised jointly under four areas of parish, and in 2017 a consultative process leading to two formal meetings of parishioners of both parishes supported the amalgamation of the two parishes, with each of the three churches retaining its community identity.

  4. After carefully considering the motivations and observations presented to me, and after the required formal canonical consultation of the College of Consultors of the Archdiocese of Melbourne given on 12 December 2017, and after consultation with the Archbishop’s Council of Priests on the same day, I hereby decree the following.

  5. That the parishes of Maidstone and Braybrook be amalgamated, so that the new Holy Family Parish shall encompass all the territory previously contained in the two separate parishes, that is: commencing at the point where Geelong Road crosses the railway line near Footscray West Railway Station, and then west along the railway line until a point in a straight line apposite the end of Beachley Street, and then follow that line and north along Beachley Street to Turner Crescent and then turn westwards and follow Turner Crescent around to South Street, thence across South Street and follow Darnely Street northwards to Lily Street, and then west along Lily Street to Duke Street;

  6. Thence follow Duke Street northwards to Surrey Street and continue in a straight line north to the boundary of Postcodes 3019 and 3020, and then eastwards to the point on the Maribyrnong River where those two postcodes meet Postcode 3034; thence follow the Maribyrnong River downstream to the boundary of Postcodes 3012 and 3032, and follow that boundary to Williamson Road, and then east along Williamson Road to Rosamond Road, and then across Rosamond Road to Aquatic Drive to the Maribyrnong River; thence follow the Maribyrnong River downstream to the Farnworth Avenue Bridge and then by a straight line southwards to the junction of Ballarat Road and Geelong Road, and then following Geelong Road southwest to the railway lune near Footscray West Railway Station - the point of commencement.

  7. Unless otherwise stated all boundaries run along the centreline of rivers, creeks, roads, streets, etc.

  8. Consequently, all the faithful with a domicile or quasi-domicile within this territory shall henceforth belong by law to the Holy Family Parish.

  9. I declare the juridical person of the Parish of Maidstone to be extinguished. The ecclesiastical goods that were the patrimony of the parish shall devolve to the new Holy Family Parish.

  10. I declare the juridical person of the Parish of Braybrook to be extinguished. The ecclesiastical goods that were the patrimony of the parish shall devolve to the new Holy Family Parish.

  11. The churches of St Christ the King, Braybrook, St John’s, Footscray West and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Maidstone shall continue to enjoy all the rights, duties and prerogatives that they have hitherto acquired.

  12. This decree will take affect from 15 January 2018. I order that this decree be published by copies of it being displayed on the noticeboards of Christ the King, Braybrook, St John’s, Footscray West and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Maidstone for one calendar month, and by the decree being drawn to the attention of the faithful by the celebrant of Mass at all parochial Masses in those churches on Saturday evening, 13 January 2018 and Sunday 14 January 2018.

  13. I order that copies of this decree be carefully preserved in the parochial archives of the Parish of Holy Family, as well as the archives of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

  14. The Second Vatican Council proclaimed that “the parish offers and an outstanding example of community apostolate, for it gathers into a unity all the human diversities that are found there and inserts them into the universality of the Church”. I pray that these arrangements that I have decreed will be a rich opportunity for the parishioners of Holy Family Parish to renew their commitment to the Lord, and to the building up of this Church. I invoke the blessings of Almighty God on the priests and parishioners of this parish.

  15. Given at St Patrick’s Centre, East Melbourne, Victoria on this thirteenth day of the month of December, in the year of Our Lord, 2017.







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