You may book for your Holy Mass attendance
by clicking on the links below.

We are now accepting Mass Bookings over the phone. 

This was a choice we made in order to accommodate a good number of parishioners who are not tech-savvy in using the internet. If you received already your QR Code ID from the office, you can also send us an email
to book your attendance for Mass. 

Thank you for your kind understanding! 







Sign-Up for Mass

In case you want to modify your response or cancel your sign-up for Mass,  you can do so directly from the confirmation email that you'll receive.


Sunday Masses (including Sat. evening)

Week 13 (27/28 June 2020)

Week 14 (4/5 July 2020)


Sunday Masses (including Sat. evening)

Week 13 (27/28 June 2020)

Week 14 (4/5 July 2020)

Note: An e-mail is always preferable to a mobile number since the system sends a confirmation email of your booking with a link in case you need to modify your booking. 

Please use the same contact info whenever you book so as not to duplicate your records in the system.

For weekday Masses, please call the parish office for booking.